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The Puppy Rescue Mission (PRM) is the brainchild of Anna Cannan, President and founding member. Anna started PRM in her efforts to raise funds to help her fiancé Chris bring seven dogs known as the Lucky Seven home from Afghanistan.

The Beginning
A few weeks prior to Chris’s arrival at his combat outpost in Afghanistan, a suicide bomber entered the post in the middle of the night. The dogs on the post attacked the bomber. One of the dogs, Rufus, grabbed the bomber’s leg while two other dogs, Target and Sasha, alerted the troops. Because of this attack, the suicide bomber prematurely detonated his bomb. All the soldiers survived, with only a few sustaining injuries. Sasha was killed. Target, who was badly injured in the blast, was nursed back to health along with Rufus.
When Chris arrived at the post, he and his fellow soldiers formed an unbreakable bond with the dogs, which included Target’s litter of puppies. Anna didn’t hear from Chris very often, but when she did, she could "hear the smile on Chris’s face as his voice would light up when he would talk about all the dogs at the post". Looking ahead to when his deployment would end, Chris spoke with Anna about bringing some of the dogs, known as the Lucky Seven, back to the United States.
At the time, the cost of rescuing a dog from Afghanistan was $3,000, which covered the cost of the dog's vaccinations, transport from the base to the shelter, transport to the nearby airport, and airfare from Afghanistan to the dog's new home. While juggling work and school, Anna began raising funds by selling candles and running an online raffle. Because the cost of transporting seven dogs was enormous, Anna also started a Facebook page to help in her fundraising. The Puppy Rescue Mission was born. Within nine months of its inception, PRM raised nearly $100,000 and continues to grow each day.  

The Mission
Anna believes PRM needs to continue helping our service men and women bring their beloved companions home to safety. She believes that "no soldier should ever be faced with the decision of leaving a beloved animal behind in Afghanistan”.  She recognizes the role these animals play in not only guarding our men and women, but in providing a sense of home, a feeling of normalcy in the middle of a war zone.  Anna also recognizes that in helping our soldiers, she is helping rescue helpless animals from an uncaring and dangerous environment.
With this mission in mind, PRM recently became an official non-profit organization seeking to obtain 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. It works directly with several organizations in Afghanistan in arranging medical care for the soldiers’ animals as well as transportation for the animals to their forever homes. PRM is also assisting in re-homing stray animals from Afghanistan to the United States.

Thank You
Anna, PRM’s Board of Directors, and PRM’s advisory members thank everyone for their support. PRM considers you to be an integral part of the PRM family. Together as a family, PRM will continue in its mission to help soldiers bring home their beloved companions.
Many blessings and best wishes to you all!

Anna Cannan, President of The Puppy Rescue Mission




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